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Short introduction of Budapest Esély

Budapest Esély Nonprofit Kft. established by Municipality of Budapest, in 1996, in order to strengthening the labor–market situation of disadvantage jobseekers of the capital. The two main fields of work of the organization are employment–developing and strengthening opportunities for the social inclusion.

Budapest Esély is planning and coordinating the public employment programs of the capital, herby order a job–possibility and supporting services for reintegration to the opened labor–market for more than thousand people a year. (Further information in Hungarian: in “Foglalkoztatás fejlesztés” menu.)

Social inclusion and labor–market (re)integration of societal groups in special situation supported by innovative local and EU projects. These projects enable for Roma Gypsy, migrant, homeless, disabled (etc.) jobseekers and jobseekers with lower education to get a profession and some working experiences. (Further information in Hungarian: in “Projektjeink” menu.)
Equal Opportunity Office (FEMI), as a unit of the Budapest Esély, engages in setting up and running networks for social inclusion and employment–developing, and working out strategies and action plans on the field. FEMI represents the capital in different local and European partnerships for social inclusion and employment–developing, participates in team–work and projects of the networks. FEMI coordinates the implementation and developing of Budapest Capital’s local strategy on equal opportunity (further information on equal opportunity in “Esélyegyenlőség” menu, only in Hungarian). FEMI publish employment–developing and equal opportunity related studies and leaflets (you can download them here and here), and work out and organize trainings on the field (further information on our training, in Hungarian, in “Képzéseink” menu).


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